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Dreamway | Your Indoor LED Display Screen Manufacturers

If you are looking for a fine pitch LED display or a big pixel pitch of more than 3mm, you can always find different series of indoor LED video walls in Dreamway.

Are you looking for an indoor LED video wall screen supplier for your home, meeting room, or other public places?

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Here are some features of our indoor LED display:

  • High definition:
    So far, the smallest pixel pitch we make is P1.25, with 640,000 pixels per square meter.
  • High refresh rate:
    The refresh rate of our indoor LED screen is 1,920~3,840 Hz.
  • Relatively high brightness:
    Kinglight and Nationstar LED is used to achieve high brightness.
  • Low power consumption:
    The max. power for indoor LED display is about 600 W/m2 on average.
  • Front service available:
    Most of our LED video screens are installed on the wall, and there is no need for a maintenance space at the back, so this solution is indeed a perfect choice!

Technical Specifications:

Pixel Pitch(mm)Resolution (dots/m²)LEDTypeLED Display Module Size(mm)Brightness (nits)Refresh Rate(Hz)
1.25640,000SMD1010W 200 x H 150700~1,0003,840
1.5625409,600SMD1010W 200 x H 150600~9003,840
1.875284,444SMD1415W 240 x H 240700~1,0003,840
2250,000SMD1415W 256 x H 128700~1,0001,920~3,840
2.5160,000SMD2020W 160 x H 160700~1,3001,920~3,840
3111,111SMD2020W 192 x H 192700~1,3001,920~3,840
462,500SMD2020W 256 x H 128600~1,0001,920~3,840
540,000SMD2020W 320 x H 160600~9001,920~3,840

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