Rental LED Display

Rental LED DisplayRental LED Display for Staging

To improve the stage showing effect, more and more customers choose to install a rental LED display to achieve it. Actually, its function is more than this. For an LED rental display, it could also show live broadcast the event ongoing. 

So far, the indoor rental LED display is applied on most occasions like concerts, weddings, even church, etc. This is the same as the outdoor rental LED display. And the requirement is bigger and bigger in the market.

Dreamway has been providing clients with high cost-performance rental LED display all the time, which is specially designed, easy assemble and disassemble, convenient maintenance, lightweight, thin but strong. This includes a curved series of LED rental displays.

We could be your professional project provider of rental LED display.

Rental LED Display Types and Solutions

☛Indoor available types include fine pitch LED display like PH1.5625, PH 1.667, PH1.875, PH2, and other indoor types like PH2.5, PH2.9, PH3, PH3.91, PH4, PH4.81, PH5.

☛Outdoor types available are PH3.91, PH4, PH4.81, PH5, PH6, PH6.67, PH8, PH10.

☛For the indoor type, it could be attached with magnets at the back of LED modules and make the whole LED rental display with front maintenance.

☛Easy convenient plug and unplug cables connected with cabinets.

☛It could be hung with hanging beams, floor stacking or wall mounting installation.

☛A curved rental LED display could be made with adjustable angles on cabinets.

☛Very thin cabinets could be used for fine pitch LED displays, around 55 mm width.

☛The refresh rate could be more than 1,920 Hz, and even to 3,840 Hz, perfect to record during events.

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