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Indoor LED DisplayIndoor LED Display Advertising

Indoor LED display screen is commonly seen now in public places like meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, airports, and so on. It could bring in-time messages to people and offer more useful information via a more convenient method. And more and more custom LED signs indoor are installed on the wall. And this could be also called a video wall screen. It is popular now, because of its high brightness and seamless to show perfect photos or videos.

Indoor LED Display Types

As technology is more and more mature, there are many types of indoor LED screen, for instance, PH5, PH4, PH3, PH2.5, PH2, PH1.87, PH1.56, PH1.25. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution per square meter. 

For the maintenance method, there are two types generally. One is with back maintenance, and the other one is the front service.

Indoor LED Display Value

Owning an indoor LED display screen could bring you many benefits than what you expect. For instance, in a shopping mall, you could advertise your own brand, tell the brand story, display on-sale items, etc. This could catch the eyes of consumers and increase sales for your shop.

Now indoor LED display price is lower than that before, so more and more people could afford it. Besides, many new types come out making sure there are more choices for consumers. For example, now fine pitch LED display types like P1.25, P1.56 are applied widely in the studio or airport. It is a trend in the following years. 

Whether you are looking for LED video screens for churches, indoor LED display for conference rooms, you could return to us for a professional solution.

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