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If you are looking for something to advertise your brand, Dreamway LED video wall would be your good choice. For our outdoor LED video wall, its main feature is stability and high brightness. You don't want to get an LED screen which needs to be maintained from time to time, right? Then Dreamway could be your cooperation partner. No matter if big or small LED screen, you could get detail project solutions from us. And you could even make your DIY video wall.

Nowadays, most clients tend to choose small pixel pitch types for outdoor LED screen advertising. The truth is this needs to be decided by your screen size and view distance. And if you would display static images, the resolution of the outdoor LED video wall should be higher than to display video.

LED Video Wall Display

For Dreamway LED video wall for outdoor advertising, there are P4, P5, P6, P8, P10. All of them are SMD type, with a bigger viewing angle and lighter weight than the DIP type made before. And these two years, P6 LED wall is the top-rated type among these several options. This is because of its relatively higher resolution and high brightness with more than 6,500 CD/m2. And for outdoor LED video wall, more than 80% of clients only display photos. As a result, it requires a high definition LED screen to show deliver the right contents to the right consumers. One important reason is on Price too. Now as the technology is more and more mature, the cost is also much lower than that before. For instance, you could get a P6 LED wall now with the cost equivalent to that of P16 type 10 years before.

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