Taxi LED Display Advertising

Taxi LED DisplayTaxi LED Display Advertising on Taxi Top

According to research, taxi LED display advertising on taxi top could produce 33% higher average campaign recall than that of bus advertising, 92% higher than that of billboards and 109% higher than bus shelter advertising. Because of this advantage, now you could see more and more taxi top advertising on the street, like in North America, South America, even African countries. And Dreamway taxi top LED display has become a popular product to sell abroad. So far, we have exported more than 600 units, mainly Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Ukraine. As the market for taxi advertising is growing these years, the market volume has spread widely to other countries, like the USA, Canada, etc. For these countries, it is permitted by the government generally to install such a taxi top LED display for advertising.

Taxi LED Display Types

Dreamway common type of taxi top LED display is PH5, with screen size W 960 x H 320 mm, two sides. The LED panel appearance is nice-looking, with the thickest width only 16 cm. It is about 26 KG/PC. The cabinet is aluminum material, with galvanized iron base, no problem for the taxi to run even on the bumpy road. The brightness of this type is 5,000~6,000 nits. The regular type is about 67 Amp for the whole taxi LED display.

We have developed another one, energy-saving type, to protect the taxi battery from damaging fast, which is only about 22 Amp with the same high brightness.

All of Dreamway taxi LED display is controlled by 4G/USB/WIFI, with GPS location ads and brightness sensor to adjust the brightness automatically according to the outside environment. This is another good way to protect the taxi battery and the whole taxi top.

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