LED Video Screen 3mm Bringing Benefits for Clients in India


LED Video Screen Project:

This LED video screen case is a 3mm pixel pitch, finished in 2017, and installed in India.

The total quantity of this project is 4 units of LED video wall screen, with 3 units W 3.456 x H 2.304 meters LED video screen size and 1 unit W 6.912 x H 3.072 meters.

LED Video Screen

Regarding the resolution, it is W 1152 x H 768 pixels per unit for the 3 units of video wall LED screen, and W 2304 x H 1024 pixels for the 1 unit of video LED screen.

LED Video Screen

As these LED panel video screen would be installed on the wall, and there is no maintenance space at the back, there are magnets at the back of LED display modules. Besides, a sheet iron is also put in the middle of the LED module back, so that a magnetic suction tool could be used to take the LED module from the front.

LED Video Screen

For the cabinet, it is iron material. Each cabinet Size is W 576 x H 384 mm (27.25" diagonal size), with resolution W 192 x H 128 pixels. The reason why it is so small is due to the BIS certificate required by the Indian Bureau. If the cabinet diagonal size is more than 32", then BIS certificate is needed.

LED Video Screen

Each cabinet is equipped with one pc G-energy power supply with 5V40A, fanless, and 1 pc Linsn receiving card.

LED Video Screen

LED video screen could attract more attention among potential clients and help to earn more benefits for shops. It has become a popular way to advertise.

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