Screen Rentals Bringing Sweetness for Wedding in Kazakhstan


LED screen rentals is a kind of LED screen specially used for stages, concerts, wedding, etc. 

Screen Rentals

Screen Rentals LED Display Project:

This project was completed at the end of 2018. It was delivered to Kazakhstan. The LED screen rentals size is standard, with the length 4 meters and the height 3 meters. This is a 3.91mm pixel pitch type. For each square meter, the resolution is 65,536 pixels. For this LED screen rentals project, the total definition is W 1024 x H 768 pixels.

Screen Rentals

For the P3.91 type event screen, the LED module is W 64 x H 64 dots, W 250 x H 250 mm dimension. The LED type is SMD1921, with 2038S driving IC, about 1,920 Hz refresh rate. The brightness in white balance is about 4,000 nits. The LED panel of this digital screen rental is W 500 x H 500 mm, with W 128 x H 128 pixels per panel. It is composed of W 8 x H 6 pcs panels for this LED screen rentals. The cabinet is die-casting aluminum material. Besides, there are adjustable angles to make the display rentals convex and concave, with different angles of ±2.5°, ±5°, ±7.5°, ±10°. Each panel weighs about 9 kg. Linko power and signal connectors are used for this LED screen rentals.

Screen Rentals

Screen Rentals

For the large screens for events, each LED panel equips 1 pc Meanwell RSP-320-5 power source and 1 pc Novastar MRV330 receiving card. 1 pc LVP909 video processor is equipped, with HDMI, DVI, VGA input signals. The Novastar MSD300 sending card was put inside it, and all configurations were set before the delivery. Once clients receive the goods, they could power the LED screen rentals on and use it directly.

Screen Rentals

6 pcs LED panels were packed in 1 pc flight case. There are 9 pcs flight cases to pack this LED screen rentals, including 1 pc for spare parts.

Screen Rentals

From several years ago, LED screen rentals have become more and more popular, especially 3.91 mm, 4.81 mm pixel pitch types. This is decided by their advantages noted as below:

☛Lightweight and super thin. The LED panel material for screen rentals is generally die-casting aluminum, about 8 kg per modular panel size of 500 x 500 mm.

☛Seamless. Due to the CNC craftsmanship, the tolerance of LED screen rentals could be controlled within 0.1 mm. This is even with less tolerance than that of the iron cabinet which is applied in fixed installation projects generally.

☛Fast assemble and disassemble. Because of the lightweight of LED screen rentals, clients could assemble two panels in about 10 seconds. This saves the time to assemble and disassemble. As a result, it could save labor costs. 

☛Different designs of panels installation, for instance, hanging, stacking in different shapes.

Screen Rentals

Except for the above advantages, there are many other features of LED screen rentals. Because of these strengths, this field would be much more widely applied in the following years.

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